looking for tips for flying federation

hi, i have been playing with federation using intercepters i was using the T2 superkite (steam DLC) and was doing ok getting some kills making credits etc.


buti finnally got to the kite T3 intercepter i only have some basic mk1 fittings on it at the moment as i spent my credits to buy the ship, but am still only gettig 80-85k per match,… not too bad but then every match i am spending between 30-45k just on repairs :frowning:

so in my case i am half tempted to drop back to T2 ships as i can build up some credits to fit some nicer things on my ship as i am earning half now of what i was before :confused:

and i barely seem able to have an enemy ship look at me before i die and as a result i am spending over half the credit i earn on repairs and stuff.


so anyways has anyone got any tips such as fittings / tactics ?



intercepters needs speed,resistance and flying skills.


Invisible module is very useful,mine field can help you kill the fighter or frigate.


also decelerate rocket can slow down enemy make you easy to shoot.


when object has half life,use the F skill,help you deal more