Looking for semicasual corp to play with, Central time

Hey everyone,


I’m Ray. I’m a rank 5 Fed player, just getting a good feel for the game. I’d like to find a group to play with, after 7pm central weekdays or on weekends. I’m a pretty experienced gamer in general, I’ve been playing online games since beta EQ and counterstrike’s release as a mod.


At first I was a bit bummed about the Fed tree featuring tacklers and engineering frigates, but once I got the first guard frigate and gunship fighter, I was hooked. I’d like to get into the top tier and see how gameplay is up there, and I’d like to have a group of guys to play with so that I’m not dragging myself up there tooth and nail.


My favorite action in-game is to sneak up on captains and sniper frigates with my little lynx gunship, hit overdrive and throw singularities like crazy. A close second is hitting the end-game screen and seeing 6 kills and 18 assists in my frigate (I played a T2 game like that just last night, in an eng frigate with lasers.)


If you think your corp could use a pilot like that, shoot me an email to jamesdub (at) live .com

Hey Ray take a look at NASA we are looking to expand our lower tiers pilots.


We have bunch of pilots in your time zone and even more pilots to help you fall in love with the game.


Goto our forums and register.  http://tinyurl.com/nasacorp

huh, I am a big NASA fan. I’ll check it out. You should have emailed me though, you’re lucky I came back here to check so fast :wink: