Looking for mid/high tier English speaking EU corp



I prefer EU corp due to timezones. Before the 0.8.3 I was in an US one and had no problems since there was no problem for me to play at night, but now with RL stuff I have more limited playtime.


And the main reason for being in corp is to join a community and have sort-of-friends with whom to squad and play right ?

I play mostly interceptor (ECM) as good support in dogfights. (Kris-AE)

Also Covert Ops frigate killer. (Ricasso, but may change to Kite some day)

Before the big update I played fed tackler (Fox)
Now I play that too on detonation matches taking down all those interceptors.
The choice for me after the update Katana-AE.

Sometimes I swap for Katana Type S (Command)
But do not have Mk3 modules for it and the range is important for that.

I have ~1200 ship kills, but in battle I mostly care about the victory than to get the last hit.
Doing 80% of the damage then someone snipe it from you is not good feeling, but if that means

winning the match - so be it.

I am looking for good squad mates for good wingmanship. Like tackler fighter to go with and kill

enemies (or captain) in matter of 2 seconds or less.

Cassual player, but lately I am playing few hours a day.


feel free to check us out mate have players from around the world



feel free to check out NASA aswell



@SM, I did send an application.

@NASA Could not find where to put my application and judging by the players I face or play with from your clan I doubt you will take a casual player who may play 20 hours this week, but only 5 to none next, but again 20+ the other one.

Please lock/delete this topic.