Looking for mature Corp

Hi. i just wanna have some fun.


Tired of children and teenagers.


So if you have a corp with age restriktion and TS. gimme a poke

Not that I’m a kid or a teenager, but you really shouldn’t be judging people by their age.

I used to play games with a bloke that was 16 years old and he was more mature than me, at times.

i know when your young you say that age does not matter. 

but as you get older, its werry easy to see how old someone is, by the way the act

The corp I’m in, NASA, has an age restriction of 18+, and we are very active on teamspeak. The server is open for everyone to join, so just hop on in and we’ll get you in a group at the same tier as you.


I’m at work right now so I can send you the TS info later if you want.