Looking for good Federation Corp

In game User ID: edl566


Type: PvP/PvE Social


Skill level: Still new to the game


Faction: Federation/Armada


Time in game: 5 hours (fully active plan on playing this often everyday)


Skills: Lynx (offensive), Raptor (Defense/tank), Swift (rush)


contact: just send an invite in game if you want me.


Hello my name is Mannie and I’m currently looking for a corporation to join hopefully a good well established one. I am very active in game with PvP/PvE gameplay. I am a team player and follow instructions very well. I am very friendly and maintain a calm/collected attitude. I also tend to get along with everyone. I’m 23 years of age if you must know for age restrictions. I look forward to working with anyone who chooses to accept my request and I shall see you in space.

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