Looking For German/English Corp [Federation]

I’d prefer an active German corp for diving deeper into the game but I’d also be okay with an English one.

My highest ship is currently level 6 but I yet don’t know too much about the game.

I am from the Federation and I am in search for an active corp which means we should play together and you should teach me how to properly play it.

Just respond to this thread :slight_smile:


Update: Found one.

Update: Searching for another one. I really need an active one who can teach me.

Previously I would have said join OWL, and I would be happy to teach you. Right now though, the game offers no way of squadding up in regular pvp, higher than two people, so it is hard to teach. Also none of us are interested in dreadnoughts or league. This means that our corp rarely flies together, and mostly all play solo, which is not a good environment for someone looking to learn the game.


I would advise you to try out NASA. It is a very good PVP corp, and they still fly dreadnoughts and league every now and then as far as I know. They have people from all over the world. English and Russian are their languages. Ask them about training, as I’m not sure what their policy is.


Here is their recruitment post: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/18684-nasa/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18684-nasa/)

If NASA don’t accept you, try out Polaris Inc. We’re happy to take on players from anywhere and help you with everything from setups and even guide you through stuff like spec ops and sector conquest :slight_smile: