Looking for EU PvP/PvE Corporation (CET +02)

      Space simulation combat is not new to me, i have played Wind Commander, Freelancer and most of it’s mods (Shattered Worlds: War Thorn, 88 Flak), DarkStar One and many others, as for MMOs i have played the popular ones, like Eve, WoW, Lineage 2, SWTOR so i’m not unfamiliar with guild/corporations, team combat. My main roles/classes where dps and support(tank/healer). I enjoyed playing as a Interceptor and Command ships here in Star Conflict, and the others i did not have the time/cash to try them out but i will remain open to new ships/roles.

      I’m looking for a adult casul/hard-core corporation with a Com (TS/Ventrilo/Raidcall), regular online players, english speakers, willing to help train its members and advice then on ships/builds.


Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to be contacted from anyone who feels i can be a plus to there corporation.

                 Good luck and see you in space.

feel free to check us out mate have players from around the world