Looking for English speaking clan.

IGN: llcaaether




Primary ship: Lynx-M 


Faction: Federation


I play for a couple of hours everyday usually on after 2:00 GMT. I am looking for a community of english speakers to get on play some games with and generally just have a good time. I have really been enjoying Star conflict since I picked it up a couple of days ago and I really hope someone takes some interest in my post. Thanks for your time.

If you want to join a serious corporation to have fun and that kind of stuff I guess you will have to climp up at least to tier 3.

Yay… Get out from T1 and buy T2 Ship

Yes, there is corporations that do accept T1-2. But you will not play competitively. 

Welcome to the conflict llcaaether.


Steel Marauders is an English speaking corporation that takes in casual pilots of all tiers and factions. Use of Teamspeak is optional although priority will be given to those who do have it during corp events. Not a big deal on normal days. We have between 4 - 20 players anytime during the day with over three dozen active pilots flying daily. Most of our newer members fly tier 2 as people tend to move up the ranks pretty fast and get out of tier1 in under a day. If Steel Marauders sound like what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to have you flying with us.


Come on over and fill out your application on our website



Once you have access, say hi on the shoutbox and arrange for an officer to invite you to the corp in-game.