Looking for elite active corp



I m a new player looking for a elite corp. Preferably one with a lot of active players, doing regular dreadbattles, using tactic and are aiming to be the best of the best.


In return I offer a fast improving and active teamplayer, willing to learn. Mic broken at the moment but new one is on the way, can listen tho.


My ingame name is BOOMurdead


total pvp battles 143 pve 52

win/loss 2.49

average kills in battle 9.20

average assists in battle 7.36

empire rank 3 federation rank 9 jericho rank 6


thanks for reading,





I like your ambitions but you know, 150 pvp battles are a long way from elite :slight_smile:

I guess you wrote elite because you want to join a community that has already plenty of veteran players, that can teach you some magic.


If you want, you can hop on to our Teamspeak (weltenfall.net) and play with us (No talk needed, altough microphones are somewhat useful in an actual competitive team situation). Our recruiting is currently closed, so really the only way is per teamspeak :slight_smile:



ok thanks, i ll visit :wink: