Looking for Dead Space [DS]

kills 7,83
assist 4,49
W/L 1,29
DSR 1211

someones been playing tier 1 >.>


edit - farming


yes and? im rank 3

kills 8,02
assist 4,54
ration 1,33


better now?

What are you looking for exactly? 

IM confused, most known or “good” corporations primarily look for T3 or preferably Full line of R11 and higher pilots…but your in T1? 

what aint is, still can be… or not?

but as you said… “primary”…


someones been playing tier 1 >.>

so you have skiped tier one? … -.-

The confusion is that all you did is post some random stats that nobody cares about since you’re a very new player (without actually mentioning that fact yourself) under some nonsensical subject line (maybe it’s just me but I have no idea what dead space is and why you’re looking for it) so we’re all like  :blink2: ?

DEAD SPACE [DS] is a corp. do some research. and i am looking for it to join. THEN IS THE “SEARCHING FOR CORP” thread. why else whould i search for it -.-
now about my random infos. what else do you want to here from me? i had a schnitzel for lunch?

Not every corp has a recruitment page on this forums, especially the non-English speaking ones. I’m guessing it’s a Russian corp, so either pop by the Russian forums (if DS is indeed a Russian corp, and if you can comprehend Russian), or try PMing DS members in-game. 

DEAD SPACE [DS] is a corp. do some research. 


Lol you are funny. If you want to join a specific corp how about you contact them instead of posting in a public forum that is not even theirs (as Jacxis said they’re indeed a Russian corp) hoping for the one in a million chance of one of them to come along and be impressed by your random numbers. Good luck I guess, you’ll need it (or get some common sense…).

How about putting “Dead Space [DS]” in the thread’s title instead of “dead space”? 


Nvm I’ll do it.

Dead Space is indeed a Russian Corp. Here is their thread.