Looking for CORP.

Sup ladies and gentle males, I’m from singapore and obviously I do speak english.

I am currently looking for corp that allows ME to grow peacefully. 


ID - iMp

Tier - T2

Ships used mostly - Federation engineer 


I know some only invite T3 and above, but why not recruit me and in few days I will grow to T3? isnt it the same! lol.

Eu também só que não sei fala inglês rsrsr

Eu também só que não sei fala inglês rsrsr

Hi iMp

TheLeftovers is recruiting new member, if you want join TheLeftovers please contact to BossMachine [CEO] or vcomplete100 [Officer]

But you must fill this Recruitment

  • Age [Optional]

  • Online Times

  • DS Rating (DSR)

  • W/L Ratio

  • What is your Best Ship

For An Example :

  • Age : 28

  • Online Times : 3 Day 7 Hrs

  • DSR : 1146

  • W/L : 0.81

  • Phobos, Acid Hydra, Neuron

Come and Join now

vcomplete100 [Officer]