Looking for corp



i’m looking for an english speaking corp, EU TZ, to pvp and pve with. 


Now, here’s the kicker: i am absolutely sh-it at this game.


if you have infinite patience, do shout, and i’ll latch onto you like a fat limpet.


edti: ah yes, about me. I’m 30 yo guy that loves playing with spaceships. Played EvE from 2007. (still subbed but not playing anymore). Relatively mature. Coming from Croatia, so any Balkan corps around here?





P.S. my ingame name is same as here: fatshoki

ok, now seriously


i’m still looking for an english speaking corp, with the people leaving this game left and right all my mates have stopped playing (even my brother, that got me into this stopped), so i’m battling the sadness of solo derping.


i’m looking for a relatively active corp, late EU timezone, i’m on every day for at least few fights.

I love pvp but also love to break it now and then with some hard core PvE farming.

Voice comms is a must. 


I’m mature but not above trolling the xxxx out of some ragey kid that presents itself to me.


Yes, i’m still rather _meh,_skill wise, but looking to improve my xxxx.

Currently flyign T2 but T3 capable, just haven’t decided on the race yet.


Thanks for considering



edit: i’ve been playing eve forever, so if you’re also an eve community, that would be a bonus, if i ever get back to eve…

As far as i know we are the only UK based corp in the game. To be honest people are really fed up with the game, But i have hops of a bright future.

Anything but EVO/ZAG…


And I mean it.

ahh your already in SM

first one gets the girl. or the fat nerd, in this case :smiley:

lol welcome to the marauders nice to have you man

Welcome to SM buddy. Stigez was right for once. 

looking for english speaking corporations. (nikname in game:mak, ships from t1 to t4)