Looking for Corp

well as usual i find myself a bit lost as to how to Start and word these things, Done them a few times across several games like this and my ineptitude is apparent consistantly, please for give that and the innumerous Spelling and grammor errors there are likely to be within my post here, Dyspraxia is to blame, Least for the Spelling and grammor.

Anyway, To Business! … or something like that, I’m a Semi Casual Scottish player looking for a nice Friendly Corp To Enjoy this game with, I’m only a Lowly Rank 7 with only 1 Kitted Rank 6 Fighter and a Nearly kitted Rank 6 Frigate, I’ve only been playing since this game came through on steam but I’m enjoying it.

I have no doubt that I’m nothing special as a player thinking on a 3rd person perspective, adverageing about 3 Kills per game and 4.5 asists doesn’t sound a lot to me, But if you feel you could have me in your clan to learn and grow and just gennerally be social with then i’d be glad to hear from you.

Thankyou for your time in reading this.

Hope to hear from some of you soon, Till then I’l see you out there. :good:

Pulsar Would love to have you in it’s ranks we are currently  the number 6 ranking corp in PvP F and Rank 3 in PvP we also have team speak… please look for me in game…the names the same as my forum tag, or on our forum www.PulsarGaming.net

hi the steel marauders would be glad to have you come past our web page and check us out we have members from around the globe and some one is almost always on line