Looking for corp which doesn't enforce voice chat

Dear guys,


my pilots name in the game is “bitsbytes”. I am looking for an english or german speaking open minded corp which gives me the freedom to contribute whenever I have time and fun.


Sorry, voice chats and forums are not my area of interest, I simply want to enjoy and play the game.


I like teamplay and am happy to support my team mates in PVP and PVE squads.


My stats you can see in the game. Most fun I have currently in PVP with Gunboates, Snipers and Interceptors and in PVE I use Frigates, Command Ships, interceptors and snipers.


I am currently training all races up to L6 and ships up to TL2. Then I want to make the final decision in regards to race and ships. My pilot stats are somewhere below 1100.


Thanks for your interest

Helltiger1 aka bitsbytes

Steel Marauders sounds like the Corporation for you.


We’d be happy to take your application on our site



Casual corp, we do use teamspeak but it isn’t compulsory as yet although priority is given to those who use it when we’re forming squads. Not a big deal on normal days. Always a few people online throughout the day including EU players. We’d be happy to have you on board.

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Unfortunately Teamspeak is mandatory for most of the competitive corporations - but I’d support the recommendation to give [sM] a try. Alternatively, Rage (German corp) is also a good one if they’re willing to take someone without voice chat capabilities.

Thanks will do, application done :slight_smile:

Like evil said, most require Comms. But if you explain it right to a corp, they will make some exceptions. 

… you understand that no voice is completely conflicting interest in that you want team play but not to communicate?? Haha, I guess to each their own. Come join the fun! 

I have to say that voice chat is the most noticable benefit you have from joining a corp for now.

Voice chat is the reason most people join established corps, as they have there own TS for reason. 


Your better off not joining one or your just gonna be like everyone else, random fighting. 

Maybe by “teamplay” he meant typing in the chat. Most of the people just ignore that little window when in heat of the battle.

You can still team play even without communicating, just not to the same level. Your team mates are highlighted and you can support each other like that.

There are many reasons why someone might not want to use voice chat while playing, e.g. not to disturb others due to place or time they’re playing, rather listening to music, etc. It’s their choice, so give them a break tbh.

Or kids and family…


As for the chat, messages can matter, but it can matter more who it’s from.  One thing that annoys me is the the chat defaults to go invisible faster than strategy.

Or kids and family…

That what I was thinking of when I was talking about not disturbing others due to place or time. :slight_smile:

Some people also play at work but need to be on the phone a lot. Things like that.

And Steel Marauders is cool with all that.




Check us out, family friendly corp that encourages you to play videogames at work! Yes we are that awesome …


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