Looking for Corp: Privateer with Grudge

You heard right, I’m currently unemployed and looking for a corporation. Just wanting to see what offers land on the table (if any).


IGN: SoldiersFortune


Rank 15 with Fed. Hovering at 1290-ish skill rating. UTC -7:00 Timezone. Only speaks English. Has TS3 and working microphone.


Tackler specialist. Owns Tiger, Lion, and Lion Mk2.


Also owns T-Rex Mk2.


Unconventional thinker, hot-head, team-player, and player-killer. Needs personal space, own quarters with working lavatory and microwave, and storage for guns. Willing to adhere to alliances in Open Space, with all others being potential targets.


Previous Employment:

[DYN] Member

[DYN2] Officer

[NASA] Recruit*

[PREY] Member


*Do not contact for reference.

How about take my offer I sent you before, I already have worked along side you a bit. I know you use teamspeak, which is one of our requirements.


Our requirements are all met:

 - Rank 4+ ships

 - Teamspeak

 - 1100+ skill rating.

GoD always has space! Are you interested in sector conquest?

Give in to the DOW.

Let the popularity contest begin!

I can vouch for the hot headed part. :stuck_out_tongue: