Looking for an Active UK Corp if possible.

I’m a Steam user so disregard the “1st Post” if there is one.

   IGN   : Talton
   Times   : 11 Hours ingame | 5 Hours Flight time.
   Battle Stats   : 56 Battles (29 Wins) under my belt with a Win/Loss ratio of 1.07.

   Base Dock   : Jericho Prime
   C   ontract  :  Raid
  Current Ship   : Machete AE

 Things you may wish to know  :
Have played most o nline RPGs and have run a few  Guilds/Clans myself in the past, Including World of Tanks, Runescape, EE, Star Trek online, Spiral knights… The list goes on.

What I’m looking for :
A Corp with active UK members, a place where I can be social and have a few games and get to know eachother, I dislike the idea of enforced voice chat as I dont currently have a headset to use. Something to keep me playing and a community to keep me active is my mission goal here.

Looking forward to replies, speak to you soon and thank you for reading!!

[Wolfpack](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20139-the-wolfpack-wpk/) - if you meet their ultra-posh standards for being British

Yup, go straight to the WPK

Ah cheers guys :slight_smile:
I’m from Yorkshire, so wouldnt say ultra-posh haha!!

Oh noez, we already have so many Yorkshire people we could easily form a squad or two :confused:


Hmm, i might have to check Wolfpack out myself, I’m also from Yorkshire and looking for an active UK corp :slight_smile:

I dislike the idea of enforced voice chat


besides other stuff, we demand voice chat.

Voice chat Improves teamwork by 200%

Voice chat Improves teamwork by 200%


I agree! 

Voice chat Improves teamwork by 500%

I fixed that for you.

Voice chat Improves teamwork 200% 500%  By over 9000


I fixed that for you.


You are welcome

You are welcome


OVER 9000! 


God, I love that reference.