looking for a space buddy club

All I have at the moment are like tier 2 Federation stuff…


…so yeah I would like to join a corp. I mostly play with interceptors and frigates/spaceblimps. Also I have a “terrific sense of humor.”







I’m Norm in game by the way (formerly normfromcheers).


edit: Oh yeah I’m rank 4, I think…yeah.


edit edit:


central (US)

I can play competitively if needed

no teamspeak at the moment but I’m working on it
my skill level fluctuates around 1000

We need to know some things! 




Willing to play with a competitive team?

Teamspeak or another voice software?

And even a screen shot of your stats are good! 


These things are needed if you want to get into a good corp! 




Thanks! Central US? 

Then my friend, I would like to Direct you to NASA. We are the only well known (and super awesome) US corp. 

We require TS and at least T3, but usually we do take an interest to those that are active and are willing to learn.