looking for a social corp on Madrid/Paris timezone

Greetings folks,


I’m a Tier 2 rank 5 Jericho pilot (rank 2 Fed) looking to start learning the ropes of squad based combat by joining a cozy and friendly corporation that plays primarily in the evenings on London/Madrid/Paris time. 


I’m on TS already with some Spaniards + Frenchies for SC2, so if you’re interested drop me your TS info and typical play schedule as I would love to fly with some new folks and get organized.


I fly mostly command, then tacklers, and occasionally ECMs. I’m fluent / native in English, semi-fluent / conversational in French, and intermediate in Spanish.


p.s. In the interest of of full disclosure, all prospective corporations should know that when I play Star Conflict I pretend I’m flying a BSG Viper… :secret: 

You come from BSG…im too…my Corp recruiting new player (TheLeftovers) PM me in the game vcomplete100 or BossMachine