Looking for a NA Region Based Corp.

im currently on a Destroyer/Juggernaut Binge,  i have the Sirius, Invincible, Project 1011 and Custodian.  

looking to get big objectives and rank my pilot up.  im currently Premie Licensed for another 275 Days.

Send me a In-game Req, or reply here,  or Steam Message @ CapStar362

Join AoWAR if you want, we have people from all over the world there.

es gibt diverse möglichkeiten bitte treffen sie ihre entscheidung nicht vor schnell

ob dies ein vorteil ist möchte ich unterstreichen;)

Hey Orca, long time man, things still going with AoWAR?

Nah man, im just strolling around, i cant understand this forum design at all…

lol this forum is trash i cannot navigate it any more just give up like most of us.

there are only 2 NA based corps I run one of them but I also accept people around the world as long as they can understand English text or can speak English.