Looking for a "good" german or english PVP Corp

Hi Guys,


as stated in the Topic Title I am looking for a PVP corp which is searching Pilots.


My stats are:


Federation 8, Imperial 6, Jericho 5


3,15 k/b

3,64 a/b

only 0,98 win/loss ratio ← one of the reasons why I am looking for teamplay!


I am some kind of nice and friendly guy although I am German which means I might act strange sometime! :slight_smile:


I will be able to play 15 hours average per week.


I have a working headset, TS, mumble or what ever is needed.


My english isn’t bad but could improve! :slight_smile:


If you are a bunch of nice but dangerous guys I would love to fly with you!


Please leave a reply with some informations or contact JohnWildman ingame!


Hope to hear from you soon!


John Wildman

STA welcomes you and I hear the NASA corps are all good. Hit them up on there TS channel or Ours.