Looking for a few guys to play with

Hey all. I am just looking for a few people to play this game with :slight_smile: We could start a new group, or I could join your group, anything, just dont want to play this team game alone :stuck_out_tongue:


If you need to know:

When I play T1, I fly the Dvergr Knight ship, set up with Ion Beam (Disable enemy) and ‘Archillies’ (More damage) as active. Weapon: Allways Plasma Cannons, nothing else! Passive: Increase hull strenght by 15%


T2: Dwarf 2, pretty much the same set up, but with a self-destruct skill if i need that. Also more defence mods as passive.

I am saving up for a T2 support ship which I am going to try out, so lets see how that goes! :smiley:


Pm me or answer here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve added you to the invite list, send me or an OTG officer a message in-game and we’ll toss you an invite.