Looking for a corp

Hi guys i will need a new active Corp i left my old one now im free for a new begining


My stats

Skill rating: around 1200-1300

Rank: -15 Jericho

           -12 Empire

           - 8 Federation


Fleet strength: 33%

Totall ships: 84

Maxed ships: 33

Premium ships: 0

Game activity: 2-4+ hours per day


pm me  or reply here if you want me thanks for your time, see you in batlefield

Well, bad luck for you as you still have your old corp logo as your signature.

In addition you have to provide relevant Infos like your age, country

Chaos vanguard is recruiting dude, we take players of all skill lvls and we are active, you would need to be 18+ and have a working microphone, if interested sign up @ http://thechaosvanguard.shivtr.com/forums