Looking for a Corp.

Hello everyone!


Sorry if i make the thread in the wrong place i just want to know wich one are the actual English speaking corporations that are open to take me to the space and have fun?


I want a corporation that want to have fun but also be serious when it needed, i am a player that like to use Team Speak 3, so i am looking for a corporation that use TS3.


I used to play Star conflict 1 year ago but i felt lonely all the way and i ended up quiting, then i got intrested in other mmos and came up with a really big group of good people playing there, but somehow the publisher of that MMO ruined it and all my friend left, they are playing all in separate games, so im looking for a game a good mmo for a month alrdy, and yesterday i said “Yay i used to play star conflict and was really nice”, then i saw there are a lot of updates and the game looks more cool than ever.


So if any corporation is inrested in a player that wanna go lets say “pro” and learn a bit more about this game and fly together and all that cool things im here waiting!

Hi there and welcome back!


Our corp is very PVP orientated and we encourage teamplay. Come by our TS channel or message me in-game (same name as here) if you are interested!


If you want to know ore about our corp without talking to us, here is our recruitment thread: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20293-owl-owl-initiative/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20293-owl-owl-initiative/)

I’d go with the OWLs - they’re a nice fun bunch to play, and they can definitely kick xxxx.  :012j:

Welcome back!


OWL is definitely a great corp to join, really fun people, and lots of a$$ kicking. Idk what region you are in, but OWL is mostly EU right now, with a couple US players, but they would definitely take more US pilots.

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