Looking for a Corp to join

I played Star Conflict back when it was still fairly new before all of the changes (if you remember back when there was no such thing as a jericho ship with cloaking, then you know when I’m talking about), but then took a break. Now I’m back, and I find that it’s improved significantly, and plan on continuing to play.

I have several T2 ships, and am just beginning my trek into T3, and would love to be a part of a corporation.

If you have a few low ranked Tier 3 ships; command, engi or a guard preferably. I’m looking for people to do some PVE with me. I am in NASA and I’m sure recruitment will be an option if you turn out to be a team player who keeps the squad dynamic in mind. TS is a must though. 


Look me up in game if you’d like to check it out.

You could join our corporation, Galactic Arc. We are a Canadian corporation, but we are happy to have other people join! We mostly focus on invasion mode, if you have it unlocked.