Looking for a casual older gamer corp.

I am an officer in the War Thunder division in a multi-game clan called TOG, The Older Gamers, but sadly, also was an officer in WoT before I burned out. Officially I was the Aussie US liaison, no real duties other then to move afk people to the afk channel in TS. Anyways there is not enough to try and get a division up, or even a regular group running yet for this game, and I love this game. So I am hunting for a corporation, since at best it will be a month before I can drag some people in, and even longer before I could get enough with out poaching WT members to start a regular group.


I am looking for a more adult, casual group. No silly kid drama, or elites pushing every one, just some people that I could sit back after work into the wee hours of the night drinking a beer if I feel like. Part of why I like TOG even though its an Aussie clan is its fun in most divisions there are groups running around, and on Thursday nights, I am sure to hear drunk Aussies on com, who are having a blast, since its Friday night there.


Using my War Thunder account so in game name is TOGZalzany since war thunder doesn’t have clans yet or didn’t when I did the nick. Leaving the TOG in just in case another TOGer sees it, but still looking for a group to play with in this game when I need a War Thunder break, or to play before 2 am when the Aussies get on lol. Oh and I got low battle count because steam just let me use a log in, suppose to steam log in, so I swapped from my first account I wasted tons of creds swapping factions like mad on for a fresh one with its starter gold intact.

[Steel Marauders](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18363-steel-marauders-now-recruting/) is a casual corporation. Membership age anywhere from 19 - 50+ Australians to Americans to Europeans, South African and Asians.


We login, squad up, play and… play some more :slight_smile: Own Teamspeak server that some of us use, those who can’t well that’s just fine. Nothing serious and definitely no drama (unless someone comes on TS drunk and starts singing Croatian heavy metal. Hasn’t happened yet but still - fair warning)

I put in an app sounds good, might post a link to you guys in the tiny thread we got on TOG for this game as home since I don’t see a lot coming over, war thunder already split world of tanks in half lol.

Looking forward to fly your wing. See you in the black when I come back from the movies  :fed012: