Looking for a casual corp

What your getting :


All the stuff from corp contracts.

30+yrs of gaming experience, played Eve for 11 years.


What I’m looking for :


Casual corp as it says.

English as main language

Voice comms (used but not required all the time. Unable to use them all the time)

Don’t matter if I dont log in for a week without notice - I have a real world life.

Will PvP if required every now and again (but not if i cant use me comms)

PvE - more avail if no comms are needed.




Grinding ships in PvE (rank 4) mostly as it seems to be the best way to earn credits…which is what i need more than syn.


Plan to continue till open space feels do-able solo. then alternate open space and PvE.


think thats it.


Viking (my Corp) is a very nice casual Corp. Always somebody to fly with but no pressure whatsoever.