Looking for a Casual Corp Accepting Newbs

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a corp I’m VERY new and my best ship is a Harpie. I am new to the game but have played similar games and am somewhat good at gaming. Thanks for your time hope to see you in game!

Hi Commanderj,


Most of the well established Corporations have a rather hefty entry requirement and aren’t really new player friendly, look out for people advertising their corporation in chat. Most of the time those corps are just starting out and have no real requirements they just want to fill their ranks.


Best of luck!

Hi, I would like to join your corporation. I’m a tier 3 with 346 kills, also I play Federation. My best ship is the Hawk M.

Well, most corps are flexibel on their Tier requirements unless they prefer established player.


The point is you dont want player joining a corp who just tried the game as they will propably leave within a short time.


Usually neither your highest ship (it changes anyway pretty fast) nor your DSR counts this much.


Be friendly, teamoriented and behave appropriate.


Most Corps do offer a lot of information for new players.


Request in game chat or search in forum.


Corps are most interested in your age, country and commitment to the game


All the best