Looking for a active cooperation

I´m currently looking for an active cooperation, I recently started playing Star Conflict and I do think it´s an awesome Game, so i decided to look for an cooperation to improve myself, not only as a solo player, of course aswell as a team player !

I prefer playing Federation, but i wouldn´t mind playing Jericho or Empire.

I would really appreciate a response !



My ingame name is: “zeicore”


Thanks !

TheLeftovers is recruiting new member, if you want join TheLeftovers please contact to BossMachine [CEO] or vcomplete100 [Officer]

But you must fill this Recruitment

  • Age [Optional]

  • Online Times

  • DS Rating (DSR)

  • W/L Ratio

  • What is your Best Ship

For An Example :

  • Age : 28

  • Online Times : 3 Day 7 Hrs

  • DSR : 1146

  • W/L : 0.81

  • Phobos, Acid Hydra, Neuron

Come and Join now

vcomplete100 [Officer]

TheLeftovers Hi zeicore

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