No player in class t3 t4 +,so we can 't play at t4 pvp,no many player that take 8mn for play with ,ioi,1 player 3 bot’s,because no many player are t4,so why we can’t play with advance ship…no fun…if no player,please let’s go us in t2/3 


i have buy prenium ship t4 for nothing so,no good…!!!



i think we do t4 > t3 if no player t2,because we can not play or take t2,but what is the merite to return at begin and buy t4 ship


same for pve t4,many Ace go t4 pve with t3 ship no guard or enginer,and that ok for launch,we do reverse that to pvp


 lose always because no good class ship selected for pve when no t4 player,so the Ace t3 disconnect and wait the t4 do the kill’s,obj,solo,no poss!


so…little probleme with the class ship for play good

This is no bug report.