login issue

hi, i’m new to the game. have an issue on lo0gin. my account name is my email address, but when i try to write the @, it appears a 0 instead. tried every combination: alt gr+@, alt+64 ecc… it does not work and i can not login. please help me.

i had that issue a long time ago, i used alt and No 3 4 or 5 cant remember exactly worked for me give it a try

no it does not work. still appears a zero. can i change my account name so it won’t be an e-mail address?

cant you change your username in yuplay

Which language keyboard do you use?

type the email into a note pad and use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to add the email into the log in window.

I had the same problem. Copy paste does work. Just copy an @ out of somewhere and paste it into the game login.

Thanks god you can use “rember login” and only have to do it once.

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