Location Sanctuary - Panorama

    ‘The greatest discovery in the history of mankind’ — this is how the ruins of Precursor civilization in Troy are described. The tombstone of a bygone civilization, ancient structures frozen on the orbits of the system’s planets. This is the first tangible proof of the existence of those who came before us. But many years have passed since the discovery. Research missions became less frequent, and stopped altogether with the start of the invasion. Jump gates installed for scientists started being used by smugglers, pirates and mercenaries. Troy turned into a zone of endless battles. Gradually, the remains of the ancient civilization found themselves next the remains of our own — skeletons of ships and stations, space debris.

For a long time, it was believed that the ruins had nothing valuable or useful. Recently, however, a ‘Sanctuary’ was discovered in a remote part of Troy.

This section of the ruins was considered hopeless for many years. Few scientists continued to believe that it may hold hidden mysteries of the Precursors. Turns out they were right. A Federation exploration mission collected assembled with the funds of its leader, Dr. Anton Pavlov, launched to the ruins to prove one simple theory.

Dr. Pavlov believed that the Aliens who attacked us, the so-called Crystallids, were not Precursors at all. According to him, they were a tool of the ancients, just regular drones. He also believed that ruins of Tar had been built not by Crystallids but by Precursors. If so, perhaps somewhere in the depths of these ruins lies the secret of controlling Aliens!

Upon Pavlov’s request, the Federation activated the gate and opened access to the Alien Ruins. However, soon after its start Pavlov’s expedition disappeared without a trace…

Soon  mercenaries rushed to the Sanctuary seeking riches and fame.




I am a big fun of this map… just like any map that is darker than the vast majority of the maps in the game. It has a more space-like feeling (not that I would know how it is like in space but this is how I imagine it). Also the background… it is so easy on the eyes. And since everything is darker, the little ‘light-sources’ on the objects and in the background look much clearer. I like all those stars in the background. And I think for players like me, with less computing power, these darker maps look better because too much light makes everything a little hazy, as if the colors were bleached.

There is one thing I noticed that could be adjusted here. The use of spatial scanner is difficult on this map because of the brighter lights (glare effect if I am not mistaken). The bars of the scanner are brighter just like the engine’s flare effects (not sure how it’s called) and these together with all the signals in range on the smaller map make it hard to navigate. So all in all I would give a 10 out of 10 rating here.

I hope the new maps will reflect a similarly ‘dark’ feeling.

its weird that all beacons (in “Roundme”) have another beacon overlapped at some degree.