Localization Issues: English Translation

To all Star Conflict beta testers,

Please post here every English translation errors found. The best way to report an incorrect translation or to suggest a better translation is to post a screenshot of the Star Conflict beta screen showing the translation issue and to write the correct or the most appropriate translation under the screenshot. You can use FRAPS to take the screenshot.

I am the first.

Please look at the following screenshot:


A better translation for the red marked buttons would be ‘Stats’ and ‘Systems’.

Please look at the following screenshot:


The correct translation for the red marked label is ‘Engineering’.


Good spots… but they are doing pretty well so far!

There is a little mistake in the item explanation:

There stands Peferct damage and poor distance but if you compare it to the weapon before it is less damage, less distance and perfect rate of fire.


Some little bugs in the skill System:


Next, here the skill explanation is cut off, this happens to many skills.


Plasma and piercing rockets show as 0 damage in equipment/shop windows



better descriptions needed


Got a few ones here. Both the top and the bottom of these mods have the same typos in the description: