Loading tips not displaying gameplay tips/information, but placeholders only!

Bug report:


What happened?

Loading tips don’t display any information. There are only placeholders, like Loading_Tip 9, etc.


What should have happened?

Full description of loading tip 9, which is now missing.


How to reproduce this issue:

It is unknown, if this only affects English language option.

Try to use the warp gate in Open Space as frequently as possible, until you get one such example.


Following discovered examples: (there could be more)







Also, check the loading tips 44, 114, 115, 119, just to be sure for any more missing information. I am not sure, but one of them could be affected as well.

Not fully fixed!


Loading tip 130 is missing!

There could be more!

Will be  :012j:

Will be  :012j:

Tip 102 is also missing!

Check all tips!


Best tip ever:

loading_tip 120!