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Is there a complete list of these available in either the game or elsewhere?  It’d be a good resource, full of useful statements like “Invisibility does not mean invincibility”, etc. to send to new players. #Lampshadius

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Here you are…


Use invisibility on tacklers to stealthily approach the enemy.

Use repair modules to restore your ship’s hull.

Most electronic warfare modules need an unbroken line of sight. Make sure that your enemy can’t disrupt it by hiding behind objects.

You are a part of the team, so working together is the key to victory. Lone wolves tend to die first.

There is no ultimate ship, weapon or faction, just different strengths and weaknesses.

Keep in mind that afterburners and modules deplete the same energy bar.

Command ships are meant to be the spearhead of your team.

Remember your role and stick with your teammates.

Gunships are meant for rare yet powerful attacks on enemy ships.

Engineering ships are meant for building auxiliary structures to support the team in battle.

Enabling overdrive on gunships lets you quickly deal with the enemy.

Long-range frigates have disintegrators that turn them into excellent snipers!

Recon interceptors capture beacons incredibly swiftly.

Modules can help you slow down enemy ships as well as reduce their combat effectiveness.

The ship has “dead zones” — directions where some or all the ship’s weapons cannot fire.

Homing missiles are launched from the front of your ship, so it’s best to launch them when the target is in front of you.

Homing missiles are good in close combat.

You can see any allied or enemy ship’s characteristics on the ship select screen.

Interceptors can pretty easily stay in the “dead zone” of a frigate.

Use Micro-Warp on recon interceptors to immediately close the distance to your enemy.

You should at least consider following the tips and orders of other players in combat chat.

High-level Interceptors have a chance to survive a nuclear explosion.

Disintegrators need time for the initial charge.

Engineering frigate drones can be used to restore your allies’ shields.

Typically, the “dead zone” is located below the ship.

Missiles have a remote detonator but they lack the “friend or foe” system.

Homing missiles are fired in the direction of your line of sight, so they are always easy to launch.

ECM interceptors can block controls of an enemy ship.

When piloting a Frigate, it is important to occupy the right position when next to an enemy to maximize your weaponry’s effectiveness.

Missile damage scales with ship size: frigates get the most damage.

Fly close to a beacon in order to capture it.

Shooting at the prediction point doesn’t guarantee a hit if the target is actively maneuvering. 

You can hide from missiles behind obstacles.

Damage from collisions with obstacles depends on the angle of collision. The closer to 90 degrees, the greater the damage.

Covert Ops interceptors can use their radar invisibility feature. They can still be identified visually though.

Metastable Energy Field Generator on ECM interceptors helps them survive and immobilize the enemy.

You help your team out by luring away groups of enemies that have you locked as their target.

Game settings let you adjust the desired control mode.

A squad is an unstoppable force.

Found a bug? Post it to the game forum!

There is a manual in the game folder. There is also a game wiki:|http://wiki.star-conflict.com

Using the “Valkyrie” system you increase your own effectiveness and help your allies.

Pilot licenses give various bonuses and speed up your progress.

Guard frigates have special modules dealing significant damage in a circle around the ship. Remember about this module and use it.

Be careful next to asteroids — you can stumble upon an enemy invisible to your sensors.

All ships have a hard speed limit of 700 m/s.

If you see a lot of enemies defending one beacon, try taking other beacons. Odds are, they are not defended at all.

Spy drones applied to a tackler ship will stop it from becoming invisible.

If the enemy has full shields but a critically damaged hull, just ram the ship!

Carefully choose your faction. Available ships and module upgrades depend on it.

Fulfill faction contracts to acquire loyalty vouchers and access to Mk.III modules (blue).

Having good situational awareness and being able to quickly assess the circumstances are paramount.

Immediately before a disintegrator charge, the target is lit up by a laser pointer. Don’t miss it!

Remember, Jericho frigates are defenseless while controlling a guided torpedo.

Remember the sniper training — switch positions often.

The Energy Absorber only works within a clear line of sight. You can shake it off by hiding behind an asteroid.

Use support modules on frigates and fighters to increase your effectiveness in battle.

Guard frigates have Phase Shields that can be tuned to a specific damage type.

If the action is too far away for your taste, use Overdrive on a gunship to increase your speed. By the time you reach the spot, the ability should recharge.

Do not activate invisibility while piloting a tackler if you’re affected by a Plasma Web. The web’s effect overrides invisibility.

Defensive drones on beacons may help you in shaking off your pursuers.

It’s often beneficial to wait a couple of seconds to catch up with your team or at least a single allied ship. Rushing into attack is not always the best choice.

Never forget about strategy and tactics.

Repairing friendly ships increases your effectiveness and your team’s chances to win.

You are going to be a much harder target if you employ chaotic evasive manoeuvres and strafing.

Plasma Arc boasts high damage but is limited by its low range.

Engineering frigates have the Warpgate module that lets their allies move quickly across the battleground.

Engineering frigate drones start working automatically, attacking your enemies and supporting allies.

Activating Combat Drones on an engineering frigate overloads their logic circuits and makes them repair all allied ships next to them. Eventually they break down and disappear.

Long-range frigate’s weapon overcharge affects the next disintegrator shot or torpedo volley.

Engineering frigates can repair their allies. Attacking the enemy engineers and defending your own are priority objectives in massive skirmishes.

Watch your energy levels, don’t let the enemy catch you unprepared!

See an enemy capturing your beacon? Approach the beacon and attack the ship or just try to distract it.

You can see your enemy’s weapon in the target display window. That could be useful!

You can freely move away from your enemy that is affected by your Plasma Web.

Sometimes you have to die for your team. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice your ship if it helps complete the map’s objectives.

Use your interceptor’s maneuverability to the max! Keep swerving and rotating in all directions.

Pressing CTRL shows all the bonuses affecting your ships and modules.

Help your allies fend off enemy attacks, and they will help you.

Using interceptors in the early stages of a Beacon Capture battle significantly sways the battle in your favour.

Co-operation in battle means more credits and experience. Be a team player!

Use the mailing system to send messages to other players!

Each weapon class is good for its purpose. Try coming up with unique tactics for every weapon you have!

Tackler’s role module grants invisibility but not invincibility.

Trophies in your mail do not occupy any storage spaces.

You can interrupt beacon capture by damaging the capturing ship.

You can see a pilot’s rating and corporation by hovering over his icon on the tactical map.

Activating Adaptive Camo drops the EMP-bomb in Detonation.

You can determine the enemy’s location with the help of missile trails and weapon flashes even if the enemy is not on your sensors.

Always have a good retreat plan in mind.

Don’t follow the fleeing enemy squads. They are not cowards, they are regrouping!

The ship’s role defines its weaknesses and strengths. You can identify a ship’s role by its HUD icon.

Don’t leave the battle even if you lose all your ships! Otherwise you won’t be able to search the battlefield for loot.

Try to stay close to the beacon you’re capturing. It won’t make the capture faster, but your enemies will have a harder time hitting you.

Recon ships are meant to move behind the enemy ranks and scout their positions.

The more members a squad has, the higher are the chances to be matched against higher level players.

Stick close to your teammates, together you’re invincible!

ECM ships are used to impede the enemy’s advance by using their unique modules.

Covert Ops ships are meant for mounting surprise hit-and-run attacks on lone enemy ships.

You can improve your ships by increasing your synergy level.

Choose your weapons wisely: the most potent one is not always the best for you. Be smart!

Tacklers are supposed to find and destroy enemy recon and covert ops crafts.

Don’t just shoot enemy ships.|Do your best to complete the current game mode’s objectives!

Once you die, all is not lost. Take this chance to look for the best ally still in the game and follow his actions. You can pick up some fighting techniques this way!

Ship synergy can be easily increased with the use of support modules.

Always keep an eye on the 3D radar. It’s very helpful when you’re trying to find your way around in space.

When you are in a dogfight and you lose your target, use “Lock next Target” (default T), to quickly lock the nearest enemy.


I can provide it in another language also if you like.

You. Rock. Any way to maybe get this list into a link in the help menu in-game?

You can see a pilot’s rating and corporation by hovering over his icon on the tactical map.

That’s false.

I wonder how slow a person’s game had to load to read them. I can almost never fully absorb what the thing is trying to tell me. I mean I see words but I don’t comprehend.

You. Rock. Any way to maybe get this list into a link in the help menu in-game?


Well, you’ll have to ask the dev for that. Make a suggestion.



I wonder how slow a person’s game had to load to read them. I can almost never fully absorb what the thing is trying to tell me. 


Same, i read the first couple of words and the loading is done. I never fully read them.


USe that argument to your suggestion to the devs, Engle.

Lol I have time to read the whole thing with my slow laptop and internet…

Sometimes there are really useful pieces of advice!

they should be in the initialization screen too, that’s the one which sometimes takes longer.


but that might not be possible.

point taken and forwarded to Devs

Nice idea, we might see this in the future.

Yeah most people hardly get time to read them in that loading screen :slight_smile: Half of them probably don’t even realise they appear there.