List of Corp CEOs

[steel] ZyP3R  rzuf1111 [VP] SINaka [VP]

[DYN]/[DYN2] Faero - disbanded

[TXO] Phobias

[NASA] xKostyan

[bRUTE] Blackfold

[OWL] g4borg

**[WPK] **Kurdi

[Corp] MassDeath

[behemoth] Wolfkhan

[Titan] tabue

[JungC] Validus

[R4ge]  Vecrox and gekaler

[bOJ] BEASTWITHIN66 and kimjonpotato

[CzSk] PirosCZ

[TUF] MrTwiddlez

[CH] Thunderbee

[DOW] BitesBack      

[bLUD] Regaman101

[Zet] MieczDamoklesa

[Nerds] TheBurningMan

[LOS] Kesronlin

[FDEF} Carniximus

[PREY] Lammergeier

[uLTRA] Kratos

[GArc] [CEO] Jimothybob  [VP] - Semaphorism

[Finn]  CEO:  KaoFinniric

Arkhos Core. NuclearHail (Disbanded)

[INCON]  starcoaster

[PlDyn] TheDarkRedFox

[ESB] Wynnypuh

[sE] [CEO]FireAngel   [VP]Sho

[DYN]/[DYN2] Faero - disbanded



If this is a desired feature, it’s easier to integrate it in the corporation list than to make a separate topic for it. In my opinion, anyway.


All useful info on one page and all.

[TXO] Phobias

Cronus - leader and founder of all 3 - WolfKhan

CEO of Behemoth - WolfKhan

CEO of Titan - tabue (still waiting for him to log in)

CEO of Leviathan - none (will be recreated.)

[NASA] TacticalWizard

[NASA] TacticalWizard





I also recommend editing/updating the first post of the thread as names are listed. You can also generally find this information out by seeking the recruitment page of a corporation.

[bRUTE] Blackfold

[OWL] g4borg

[Zet] MieczDamoklesa

[WPK] EvilTactician - Merged with NASA

So… what is next, list of officers?

Whilst I can see merit in having ~3 points of contact for various corporations, a full list might be a bit overkill. A lot of work to maintain too, especially in corps where officer status is extremely fluid.

R4ge is Vecrox and gekaler

“The Corp” is MassDeath



(Co-CEO) kimjonpotato

[WPK] CEO has been transferred to NeoCodex.

Update on [JungC] CEOs


CEO: Validus / Kurdi


Ranks/ Grades of the [JungC]


CEO: Validus

Senior Manager (aka. CCO): Kurdi

Manager: Malum Sentio


CEO is switching weekly between Validus and Kurdi.

Corporación Hispana:


CEO: FordGTMex

Sub-CEO: Thunderbee

[CzSk] PirosCZ


This corp. is only for Czech and Slovakia players.

Tato korporace je pouze pro České a Slovenské hráče.