Lightning bug. Effect stays on!

Ok so when someone uses one of those modules which takes ability to move or draws energy ( I can’t really say which one now ) the lightning effect stays on till you get killed. it animates around the ship and you can’t see anything which makes it hard to see where you are flying and you can’t see where is your target and your crosshair because it’s white. This bug came with the latest update.

picture 1

picture 2 http://i50.tinypic.c…<br /><br />

P.S. there are no files named like those in my installed direction —> 1)DeviceCaps.log 2)game.log 3) 4)user_config.cfg

so I can’t send them to you. Please check if the given file names are correct or I have to search theme elsewhere.


Ok now I know that it’s from stasis generator! The effect stays on and not just for me —>

Thanks for your report.

Just doing my job :012j: