License and squad bull

Hello I have been playing about 100ish hours star conflict, now all of a sudden me and my friends cannot make 4 member squads anymore cuz apparently you need a license for that and that if what is bullcrap to me I can understand that you dont get the bonus reps and loyaltys, moneys from the missions with out the lisense but the fact that is not metioned anyware on the license thing and further more it totaly kills all coop playing in this game for the F2p  this bs was going on wot and me and a lot of people want it to stop  4 members in a squad should be a normal and FREE option not a xxxx commodity you sell off you make your self feel big, its impossible to find a scenario with only 2 players and if you with the smiles of lady luck her self  the other players will be complete xxxx that do everything wrong so Please i BEG you turn the damn squad thing back to the not license requided mode .


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