LF European Federation Corp.

Hello , I just started playing ( since aug 28 ) and I’d like to join a corp. I just got a T2 ship ( Fox ) and I wanted to join a corporation for the team play element of the game ( since in matchmade games everyone just goes solo ).

Here is a picture with my stats in game : http://puu.sh/4fwNp.png

  • Age : 17
  • Online Times : 7-10 PM GMT+2 during school , almost all day during the weekends.
  • DSR (Elo/Destroyed Ships Rating) 1115
  • W/L Ratio : 1
  • Average Kills / Battle, Average Assists / Battle : 3.06
  • Number of PvP Victories : 18
  • What Tier you fly : Just got a T2 ship.
  • What your favourite classes are : Tackler.

I can and will use teamspeak / mumble / etc. if required and I have a mic.

Thanks and if you have any other questions please ask them.

Try TUF or SM :slight_smile:

Steel Marauders is a casual corporation always on the lookout for active beginners and veterans alike. A gang of European players lurk within our ranks daily and always enough people to squad up with generally round the clock with 60 or so active pilots daily. We don’t expect much other than for our members to extend common courtesy to one another and keep our channel a drama free zone. If you’re looking for a Corp to chill with while learning the ropes, Steel Marauders is for you. We take applications over at our website to facilitate corp invites.


Head on over to http://www.steelmarauders.enjin.com for hugs

Feel free to PM me. Kind of have a busy weekend my self, but I will be back to normal come Monday.