LF Casual Corp

My name’s NewportBox and I am looking for a casual corporation to join.
I’ve just started the game today, and so far I am loving it. I am in college, so my play time is restricted on Mondays and Wednesdays. As long as homework is completed then I plan to be online. I am mostly on during the day and until 8:00 PM EST (GMT -5).

Camel is better. Puts on magic cloak and runs away.


Sorry for not mentioning this earlier. Please put a screenshot of your stats and a little about yourself. Use imgur to give us the image.

Galactic arc would be happy to have you aboard, we are more casual of a corp, and we use teamspeak.


Contact me in game Semaphorism

Or PM me on here.

My first day, lol…



Ty for the replies, I have signed up with Galactic Arc :slight_smile:



OP has joined a Corp.