LF: -5GMT US Based Corp - Federation

Like the title says I’m looking for an US East Coast Based Corp with Federation ties, I’m still pretty new to the game but It shouldn’t take me a long time to learn. I’ve played many FPS games, and used to be heavy into Space Cowboys, or now called Air Rivals.

I don’t have much time in Space Conflict just yet, however I’ve been enjoying playing…one of the main things that kept me playing Space Cowboys was my crew back then…and I’m getting that vibe from this game as well…it would be 10x better with a solid team, and voice communications which is always a requirement for any guild/clan/corp I join.

I’m 23 yrs old looking for a more mature group that likes to laugh and joke; but also kick xxxx… I don’t know just yet if I’m going hard core on this game, but I think my finding a home in a corporation may be the deciding factor.

I’m looking for US east because that’s where I live so I figure ill be interacting with the most people if i look on my coast however I’m not against joining any US or International Corp as long as it meets some basic requirements:

18+ Only
Voice Over IP
Active Community
Team oriented 
Web Site or Forum 

If anyone knows of these qualities in a corporation please post here, pm, or add me on steam.

P.S. [Also I used my first post in an attempt to help people who have G Series products so if you do…go check my guide out](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21083-guide-star-conflict-the-logitech-g-series-commnad-list-file-setup-guide/)!

[sM] Steel Marauders now Recruiting in game Training and voice comms. Seeking active player to fill the ranks check out our web page www.steelmarauders.enjin.com to sign up Join the Fight Fight to Win.

Sweet ill check out the site!