Level up mechanic is broken

  1. The game won’t let me access the  campaign quest “TIME TO GATHER STONES” and tells “Full XP bar required.” as reason for that.

  2. I expected to be able to naturally acsess this quest, becasue atlas says i have 4000/4000 XP at rank 15 (whith a 2 billion overstock)

  3. Whenever I try to complete this quest

  4. Not needed

  5. Every time




  1. Is still happening



yes, don’t understand either how we can pass a lvl :confused:

but maybe it’s a bug


@Mod/Admin/etc. pls move this thread to whrere it belongs, ty


Anything gonna make up for all the Electrum we loose because of this Error?





Looking at my Pilot level Progress from 15 -> 16 (upper left, you might be able to identify the error)


[2018.03.03 21.43.32.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16399)


This should be logs, of me just logging in, viewing atlas, trying to accept the quest and then quitting again, If not i mus have confused them with other logs.