Lets talk about command ship bonus

So the one bonus that doubles the range of the command mods is amazing and really makes the role of the ship work but the command ships with out that bonus it really hurts the role.


The reason I bring this up as I like the command role but there are gaps were with out the bonus I’m just flying a fighter with short range buffs and not a command ship.

1 command ship boosts range of command buffs, other increases bonus they give, and prem reduces energy cost.

I see no problem here, do you?

Additional comment, there are usually at least 2-3 command ships per team at a time. With Mk 3 modules the range is 4,300 meters, so having a general command ship to give an almost 9km buff range, and a front line command ship with more hp and better buff amounts. That is a good combination.

Yeah it would be nice if you could choose the passive bonuses that your ship gets but I guess it’s something we’ll just have to deal with. For now anyways. With a short range on the buffs, it becomes more beneficial for players to fly in formations, rather than be scattered around the map. It is what it is I guess.


But yeah, I get what you’re saying. For example, at Tier 2, the Legion Frigate was a support frigate with very nice bonuses to support. But the Tier 4 Legion Frigate is a protection frigate…with bonuses to stuff I don’t want as much.


So yeah. Some of us are not getting what we want out of our ships. I wish there was a way to choose the passives that you get.

-cost on command mods, that does nothing really,




+Range, you can get as high as 8400+ range that is so freaking huge. I don’t even know what the range would be on the purple.

There are 3 boni ingame

  • range of command modules
  • effect of command modules
  • cost of command modules

In my current setup I run 2 command modules and I cannot go on afterburner nonstop with both of them running although I did invest in energy regeneration upgrades.

So the reduced energy cost is nice to have, try running a command module on a non-command fighter.


However, Wynn has a point here, the passive ship-effects seem to be dished out randomly and without thinking. And since there’s usually only one (T4) or two ships of one type per tier, 

we have no real options to decide whats more important. Other ship-classes (frigate, interceptor) have the very same problem.


If you for example want to play a protection Frigate with Armada combat drones, you are screwed. But hey your WarpGate comes at 20% reduced energy cost, thats surely helpful.

Agreed the ship bonuses are way too random.

My suggestion is to completely rework them in a way that the bonuses get higher and better for the same role in each tier.


For example:

T1 Protection frigate could have: 10% protection module range and -10% energy use

T2 Protection frigate could have: 20% protection module range and -20% energy use

etc. etc.


It also could be more faction specific, where one faction would get bonuses for effect strength, other faction for range and one for both with less increase.


When it comes to frigates, there currently is no bonuses that increase support module effects, or range. At all. Protection range can only be found from rank12 federation(Grizzly-M) and rank9 jericho(Crus Type S). Protection reload can be found in rank11 Empire(Centaur 2), rank5 jericho(Templar Type S) and rank7 federation (Anaconda).

By quickly looking, i couldn’t spot any frigate with bonus that would increase the effects of any module.