Less of a bug and more of a personal error

Ok… So I just bought $19.50 worth of Galactic Standards and bought a ship, (The “Razor”.) I had 5284 left after purchase. (I had a few hundred left over from previous purchase.) Then I decided to give my corporation, Planetary Dynamics, a tag. I usually type very fast and end most short sentences (usually passwords) with a swift press of the “enter” key. I typed in something random in the tag box just to see what looked cool, and hit enter without thinking twice. And there goes another 1000 Galactic Standards… I, of course, changed it to something better (using ANOTHER 1000 Standards) but with extreme regret for the previous purchase. If there is anything that you can do to help, (hopefully refund that 1000 Standards) I would GREATLY appreciate it.


And to stop further problems of this sort, please add a confirmation box before use of Galactic Standards.




I now have 3284 Galactic Standards, if that number is needed. I will refrain from further use of Standards until this problem is resolved.

Make sure to also make a ticket at this page.

Make sure to also make a ticket at this page.

Please create a support ticket as mentioned here.

How does one create a ticket? That support site was what brought me here.

Oh, nevermind. I found it.