Leonina/King Nibelung

I just wanted to point this out.

Not sure if the development team took this under consideration or not and I don’t wanna sound too presumptuous, however I thought I’d bring this to light because I fear more people will perpetuate that this game is P2W(pay to win).

Leonina isn’t leagues ahead of the King Nibelung, but it is better. It was better before the patch, however the change from 10 to 7% weapon damage contrasts the difference more.

It has 8% more damage (on par with a module/implant) and a 50% effects boost, which for recon it makes their shield drain do 8-9k. 

From my perspective this is very minor P2W. It certainly looks as though this could be interpreted as P2W by others. 


The questions on my mind are, will Leonina be nerfed? King Nibelung buffed? Are premium ships intended to have this edge over non-premium?(if so I’ll shut up about it)

But this might all be a mistake, which is partly what I’m getting at. I won’t buy a ship if I think it’s accidentally overpowered and awaiting a nerf hammer once somebody notices.


Similar instances such as this can be found between Nodachi EW and Kevla Ha, also Lance Type S and Flamberge.



Also, if I’m missing some fundemental knowledge, gimme!



There is a difference: Leonia has maxed synergy, while King Nibelung has no synergy. 

King Nib. will be a better ship then the Leonia after you grinded some lvls of synergy.

Synergy has nothing to do with the static bonuses a ship gets does it?

I’m not talking stats, hence why I removed them from the screenies.

The Kevlar Ha and the Leonina are definitely better ships just because of the ship bonuses.   


I’ve wondered this myself…the rank 12 Empire Recon and Jericho ECM are…worthless.   I’d much rather use a lower rank ship with better bonuses though to be fair +50% ecm module range isn’t as good as it used to be.  Sure with a R12 ship you also have access to R12 Empire implant but how often are you sitting still in an interceptor?  

Some ships are terrible due to their ship bonus…

Just look at the Scimitar, T4 Jericho guard. It has a 15% crit bonus…Seriously…WTF xD

That 15% crit works really nicely with a Coil Mortar crit build…which btw is nasty on a guard…but you lose range because of it.

I think that if person start to compare and analyze/consider T4 prems vs free is already past the stage where he is understand that this is not a p2w. On other side if you look at T2 (the tier for all new players) prems vs silver you will find huge points that can be seen as p2w by new players and those ship actually do have pretty darn big advantage over free ones. Good thing prems in t2 are relatively cheap.

 If prem ship balance is in order it has to start from T2 

desert eagle, superkite, bear, sai…

desert eagle, superkite, bear, sai…

…are all ships that hinder “progression.”  :sad: