"Legionnaire" event mission

This is about the only place I could post this since the forum won’t let me create new posts or even reply to posts outside of bug reports. Not sure where it should go anyway.


The current event for Xenochips to get a few prem ships is nice, but the Legionnaire mission is crazy. 1.5 million damage in pvp is a bit silly but doable in a couple hours in vs AI, but vs AI doesn’t count? The 100 kill mission counts in vs AI so why does this one not? I could see if it was supposed to be 150,000 and an extra 0 got added by mistake but if 1,500,000 was really intended then…no, this is not the way to entice people to join pvp queues and subject themselves to the broken Front Blaster infested meta.


It wouldn’t be as bad if we could skip it, but the daily mission skip doesn’t work for these event missions.

The Legionnaire event gives 30 xenos - you had 21 days, that would made 630 xenos missing if you ignored this event because you couldn’t do it in a day. So I think there is much xenos left from other events for you to take easily. And take into account that the events have a shorter rejstart period than 24h.

I realize that and since I already have Spark I can quite comfortably skip it and not really miss out, but that doesn’t address the issue…1.5 million damage? Must be actual pvp and not vs AI like pretty much every other pvp mission? Doesn’t seem like a good trade off for 10 more xenochips than the other event missions. I actually did this one once on the first day and it took almost 5 hours of straight pvp with over half the matches being FB spam on one or both teams.


If it was 150,000 damage it might be worth doing since the average person can maybe get around 15-20k damage* if they’re lucky in a single pvp match if the teams are balanced and there’s no FB spam.


*I consider myself an average pvper and this is about what I can do in a Gunship in a good match.

23 minutes ago, Waxfruit said:

… Must be actual pvp and not vs AI like pretty much every other pvp mission? …

YOu must know by now, we always get this interesting melange in SC