Legion R9 contract not updating

see topic. must have forgotton to post it last time. :stuck_out_tongue:

see topic. must have forgotton to post it last time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not just rank 9, there are many many more, which used to work in PVE mode as well with T4 or T5 ships… I would like to get full results, but I don’t have my PRO R4ge squad with me, so I may need to postpone my results.


P.S.: I still don’t know, how can you patch a game and mess/break something up almost every time you are supposed to patch it.

I think I will establish a new Corporation called BetaBoys. I wonder, if BetaGirls will follow. xD

I posted a bunch of them up for two factions, haven’t played any other faction yet since the patch. The bug reports are all about PVP, I don’t know about PVE.

PVP or PVE, contract with win X number of battles with X amount of points several times don’t count and complete at all. Legion contract - Smooth Machine never worked. Stuck at 0 and I’ve fulfilled all requirements. I had T5 Naga ship and T5 PVE match, HMS. I would go play PVP, but I don’t want to play against one aimbot LRF and a bot in T5 or 3 players…


One thing is certain. T5 is mostly broken, however progress is slow, so I can’t really know until I test all of them. Too bad that there is no tool to test it with.


So far I know that:


Legion: Immortality and Smooth Machine don’t work. 2 contracts broken. I did not test all of them, but I can confirm those 2 so far. I will update my list. Next is Wardens contracts. You can test the rest of Fed and I go with Jericho. You can also contact me for speedruns or T5 PVP, if you wish, Snib. This needs to get fixed this week.

I reported 3 broken legion contracts, I think that’s all. I don’t have time to play other factions, sorry.

And T5 is about A1MA covops, and RT LRF. Have yet to notice an A1MA LRF actually. Anyway, the tier sucks, but that’s just representative of what’s happening to the game as a whole.