Legion or Warden?

The Eagle for the Angel:






  1. There’s an Eagle(Warden) Symbol in the picture while stating it give Angel(Legion) Voucher.

  2. That the correct symbol is in the lootpicture for the given loyalty voucher.

  3. Picked up a 10k voucher of … I can’t tell because text is different to the picture.

  4. False display/description of the loyalty given?

  5. Seem to be only the problem with exact this item/loyalty.

  6. See above.

  7. Screenshot taken:


16 April 2016 ~19:59 Berlin Time.


Not a bug

Warden’s icon is this:  86f3472d843a96711cec8f051788.png

Not a bug

Warden’s icon is this: 86f3472d843a96711cec8f051788.png

Text say it give legion loyalty. Why does it have the Warden in the picture?

False description or false picture of loyalty?

There are a “Legion” icon and “Legion” text on the screenshot. Where si a bug?

He means the icon under the words “Code Signal List”. But it is probably a generic Empire symbol.

Okay there is definitiv something wrong with the lootpicture:






I see the Warden icon. I don’t look a bug.

I see the Warden icon. I don’t look a bug.

What’s the reason that in the OP lootpicture is a different icon displayed as loyalty text state?

In the second picture posted lootpicture icon = loyalty text. So which of the both is wrong?