Legendary ships. Wolf



Affiliation: Federation
Class: Fighter
Role: Gunship
Rank: 8


The first successful project of Scott en Cott was the civilian fighter Wolf, released in 4496. Despite the fact that this ship was not used by large companies, the number of customers who bought the SeC-9 Wolf was huge.


Often, this gunship was used by enterprising merchants who transported goods over long distances. Excellent weapons helped to fight off the pirates who had their eyes on the contents of the cargo hold, and the speed to get away from the chase in case of violation of the rules.


Over time, sales fell and the Wolf ships stopped being produced. However, in 4611, the creation of these fighters was resumed. The first lots were sold to mercenaries and ordinary citizens. And although this ship is less common than its military brother Wolf-M, it is not much inferior to it.


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