Legendary ships. Wolf-M



Affiliation: Federation
Class: Fighter
Role: Gunship
Rank: 9


Despite global peace, the Federation fleet needed a fighter to conduct sabotage at the Empire’s shipyards. The leadership’s choice fell on the ship SeC-9 “Wolf”. In 4521, Scott en Cott provided an improved version of this fighter. After a series of tests, the SeC-35 Wolf-M was adopted by the Armada.


The ship received its baptism of fire when attacking repair shops in the Zeus system. A detachment of more than 60 fighters attacked the orbital factories on the planet Zeus-3, destroying frigates located in the docks. The attack was so unexpected that the Legion’s corps defending the shipyards did not manage to react in time to the enemy’s ships. By the time the Imperials entered the battle, most of the complex was destroyed. During the retreat, Federation pilots lost only a few ships, destroying in return a whole wing of imperial fighters.


Over the past decades, the Wolf-M fighter has been used successfully by corporations and private security companies. Mercenaries also appreciated this ship on its merits and often use it in dangerous sorties.


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