Legendary ships. Swift



  • Affiliation: Federation
  • Class: Interceptor
  • Role: Covert ops
  • Rank: 3


The GR-9 Swift interceptor was created in 3882 with the purpose of selling the ship to the imperial army, but the company lost the tender. In order to cover the development expenses, the management of the corporation decided to begin the release of the civilian version of the ship. After some time, the ship came to the attention of the Alliance of Free Worlds. The Council expressed a desire to conclude a contract for the production of Swift, which the General Reactors could not refuse. Moreover, the director agreed to continue developing the ships for the Federation.


By the year 3942, the first covert ops ships had arrived into service of the Free Worlds. A few years later, the shortage of ships was eliminated, and small Swift fleets, supported by Lynx fighters, began attacking shipyards and other important installations of the Empire.


After the end of the Civil War, the General Reactors started the production of Swift for civilians again. The ship quickly won the favour of the youth for its simplicity and low price. Despite the fact that their production is now stopped, the GR-9 Swift fighter can be easily purchased via the announcement on the Web.